Days Of Internet Directories Gone


Seems the days of internet directories like the yahoo directory and dmoz are coming to an end. While dmoz went offline earlier this year it promises to have a replacement at some point. I’m not holding my breath for that one but I did find a couple good directories still exist. I went a head and submitted Pokiecam to one of them. Hopefully it gets put in the right spot for people looking to random chat.

One thing is for sure, the internet landscape is changing. The days of the social media rise seems to be slowing down. Older internet mainstays like directories are coming an end. I personally wonder what will be next. If I have to make a prediction it’ll be that blogging sticks around and chat sites become the future.

One Response to Days Of Internet Directories Gone

  1. pokiecam stranger talk

    Yep, directories are dying. This
    chat rooms page is not even indexed.

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