How to watch the Israeli-Palestinian war on Twitter

By Michael OrenThe Twitterverse is filled with images of Palestinian and Israeli troops, and it is easy to see why.

The Twitterverse has become a battleground in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and a battleground that has divided Israelis and Palestinians for more than five years.

The Palestinians, who are majority Arab in Israel and the West Bank, are a largely powerless minority, but have been in control of a large chunk of the territory since 1967.

The Israeli-Hamas conflict began in 2007 and has dragged on ever since.

Since the beginning, Twitter has had an adversarial relationship with the Palestinian Authority.

Its policies have been opposed by the Palestinian leadership and the Israeli government.

The company has been criticized for its support of Israeli settlements in the West bank, which Israel maintains control over, and has also been criticized by the United States and Europe for supporting Palestinian terrorist groups.

However, with the start of Operation Protective Edge on June 28, Twitter was forced to take a stand against its support for the Palestinians.

Twitter suspended over 200 accounts, including its main account, and removed over 200,000 tweets from the Palestinian Twitter account.

These actions were made after the company realized that these accounts contained posts that violated Twitter’s Terms of Service, which prohibits direct political statements and threats of violence.

These included posts critical of the Israeli military, including the hashtag #BoycottTwitter, and attacks on the Palestinian flag.

After an investigation, Twitter said that it was aware of the tweets, and suspended those accounts as well.

In a statement, Twitter spokesperson Adam Goldman said, “We have removed accounts for violating our Terms of Services, and will continue to review their behavior for violations of our policies.”

According to a recent report by the New York Times, the number of tweets with “Pray for Gaza” hashtags increased by 400% in the first three months of the conflict.

A report by CNN also said that Twitter has been banned from the Middle East region for violating Twitter’s terms of service.

While Twitter has not yet officially announced its decision, it has said it will begin to remove tweets that contain hate speech, as well as tweets that violate its terms of services.

Twitter said it had banned the following tweets from Palestinians: “Gazans are dying because of you,” “If you’re not afraid to speak your mind, you will be silent.”

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