How to hack your iPhone or iPad – BBC Sport

If you’ve ever bought a new iPhone or a new iPad and been told you could hack your device, there’s good news.

Hackers have now made it a lot easier for users to do just that.

Apple and the FBI are reportedly behind a number of phishing scams that target iPhones and iPads.

Here’s how to spot them.

Why hackers are hacking into phones and iPads, and what to do about itA phishing scam is a scam designed to trick people into giving up their personal information.

The phishing email will include a link to a website where you can buy a new phone or a similar gadget, often with the offer of a free phone or tablet.

Once you click the link, the phishing emails offer you a number that you have to enter.

You can then download a phishing file on the phisher’s computer, where it will then download malware onto your device.

The malware will then run on your phone or iPad.

The files contain information about your device and the company that sells it, which can be used to steal your personal data.

When your phone is hacked, the malware can install additional features, including tracking your location and sending you emails that will let it see how you use your device in real time.

What you need to do to avoid phishingScammers sometimes use the same phishing link in their emails to target people who already have an account on the website.

This makes it easier for you to download the phish files.

But phishing is not the only form of fraud.

If you buy an iPhone or an iPad and the website offers you the chance to buy another device, you should never give up your phone’s password.

You should always make sure your password is kept secret from your phone owner and only someone you trust can unlock it.

Scammers can also exploit this issue by tricking you into giving them your password, and then pretending to be you.

This is particularly dangerous if you already have a password that’s difficult to guess.

If you give the phishers your phone password, they will have a list of passwords that can be easily cracked.

But if you’re not careful, they can also use your password to access your account and use it to gain access to other accounts.

Scammers often also use email attachments that they send to victims.

The attachments contain malware and can install other features, such as tracking your device location and transmitting emails that can make it more difficult for you and your device to work.

Most phishing attacks are carried out by email.

So if you receive an email containing malware that looks similar to phishing, don’t open it.

Scammers will usually send you a link that allows you to take the phished link and click on it to download malware.

For more information, visit the BBC’s phishing page.

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