Russian hacker allegedly ‘brings back memories of his time as an NSA whistleblower’

The former NSA contractor who stole hundreds of gigabytes of data from the internet company that runs the US National Security Agency has been accused of “bragging” about his “back-door” access. 

 But what he may not have known was that his access to the network is limited to the US, which he has called the “NSA of the Americas”. 

The story, first reported by Wired, emerged when the hacker, dubbed the Russian Hacker, claimed to have “wiped” the servers of US companies in retaliation for a $US2.6 million ($3.8 million) hack against the internet provider that runs US National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) in St Petersburg, Russia. 

The hacker, who goes by the pseudonym @Narcotic, is also alleged to have hacked into NCCIC’s servers in the US and elsewhere, though he has not provided details. 

He is accused of stealing data from NCCic’s servers that were accessed from outside the US. 

According to Wired, @Nacond, who works for an unnamed US cybersecurity company, claimed that his hacking exploits have been used to target the company’s data.

“We are not a victim of a hack, but an agent of the enemy,” he wrote on Twitter.

“We are the target of a US spy operation.

You can see what we are doing, how we are able to access your data and your computers.” 

Nacostin, a 26-year-old from St Petersburg who went by the name Anonymous, is believed to have leaked some 1.8 terabytes of sensitive data from US firms. 

“I do not have the means to compromise their computers,” he said, adding that his “braggadocio” is an “attack on the NSA”.

“But it’s a good way to remind the NSA,” he added. 

Narcotics also claimed to be able to compromise the systems of foreign intelligence services and governments. 

When asked about the hacking attacks, the NCCACC told Wired: “The US Government has been unable to find the hacker in question.” 

He said he has “been working on this project for years” and that he has a “good knowledge of the NSA”, and that “nobody knows who is behind this hacking”.

“I have been working on the project for a long time, so I know everything about the network and everything that happens on it,” he told Wired.

“I know everything from the logs, from the source code, the passwords.” 

‘Narcoses are really dangerous’Nacosis claimed to use a program called the Tor Browser that he wrote himself to access the internet, but said he could not log in because he was “not logged in with my credentials”. 

He then claimed that the Tor browser was not designed to work in Russia, but that “a few people” have managed to access it from outside of the country. 

In the interview with Wired, Narcosis said: “I am not a Russian spy, and I am not in a position to know the source of the malware.

I am only able to confirm that the malware is Russian.”

In Russia, the malware uses different cryptographic methods than what you see in the United States.

It is very sophisticated, but it is not used for the NSA’s purposes.

The alleged Russian hacker also told Wired that he “had the ability to hack into” the NACIC network, which runs NCCI and has a $1.3 billion contract with the US government.””

What I do know is that the NSA is using the malware for spying purposes.” 

The alleged Russian hacker also told Wired that he “had the ability to hack into” the NACIC network, which runs NCCI and has a $1.3 billion contract with the US government.

“This [NSA] is a spy agency.

They use it for spying.

They are using it for collecting information on the internet.

They want to know everything.

They need to know that the data on the network has been accessed. 

They need to find out what it is, who has access to it, and where it came from,” he claimed. 

‘If we go down, it will be like Armageddon’Nadav Nakhlov, the director of cybersecurity and operations at NCCICS, told Wired in an email that the hacker has claimed he has been “using his cyber-penetration skills for more than 10 years to infiltrate NCC IACs and other large networks, including NCCS. 

We are working to identify and prosecute him for this attack.”‘

I can’t be a victim’The hacker’s claims are consistent with what other US intelligence sources have told Wired about the NSA hacking operation. 

But Nakhlov said he had not heard of the alleged Russian hacking operation until this week, and said the hacker may have been “a victim of some kind of misunderstanding”. 

“The FBI has not come to our attention as yet,” he explained

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