How to hack a pixel gun game’s controls

In a video posted on YouTube, an unknown man hacked a pixel-gun game’s gamepad controls to enable an unlimited number of hacks.

In the clip, uploaded by a user known as Shelley, he can be seen manipulating a range of gamepad buttons and triggers to simulate gun range controls, including aiming at targets in the sky.

He can also simulate aiming at his targets by clicking on them, and using the analog stick to aim.

Hacker’s claim that he hacked a gamepad control to simulate aiming is a bit of a stretch.

The game is called Pixel Gun Hack and it’s set in a dystopian sci-fi world.

It’s a platformer where you control a gun, and shoot enemies by aiming at them with the touchpad.

The game was released in 2015 and is set in the future.

The hack allows you to control the gun using the touch pad, but you can also switch between two gamepads and even have the gamepad on a third.

In one screenshot, the user can be heard saying: ‘This will do.

Aim and aim and aim.’

There’s also an additional button that shows the shooter’s position.

The hacker, who appears to be in his 30s or 40s, can be played by anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on November 29.

However, the hack doesn’t necessarily indicate the hacker has access to the game.

He claims to be able to modify the controls of the game without breaking any game code.

The developer of the video, Sam Haines, told the BBC: ‘It’s pretty obvious what’s going on.’

The developer said that there are a range ‘of hacks’ available to the user that will allow the hacker to modify controls.

He added: ‘In this case we’re not showing how to do the hack, we’re showing how you can make your own hack.’

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