The hacks of Facebook and Twitter will soon have a lot more impact than they used to


The research group of UK cybersecurity company ESET said that the number of cyber attacks against the popular social network was now increasing exponentially.

It said that hackers had already been able to penetrate Facebook and its subsidiaries, including WhatsApp and Instagram, and it said that attacks against other popular social networks would become more effective as a result.

While Facebook has a reputation for security, ESET added that there are still ways to compromise its system that can be exploited, such as by hackers using compromised devices.

According to the research group, attackers are still able to break into Facebook’s network by exploiting vulnerabilities in a device, by taking advantage of a loophole in a software installation, or by exploiting a weak password.

“Our analysis shows that while the majority of the attacks against Facebook have been made against Facebook’s infrastructure, attacks against its mobile application are still the most effective,” the ESET report said.

“The majority of attackers were able to compromise mobile devices, with some also exploiting vulnerabilities within WhatsApp and Telegram.”

The firm added that this trend was expected to continue, as attacks on the social network continued to grow.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it would start deploying a new set of security features to help its users to stay safe online.

The company said it would offer a new “secure mode” to its users, where they can use their devices to protect against threats.

This will help users avoid sending malicious or unsolicited messages or to prevent people from gaining access to their accounts.

ESET said in its report that these security measures will also help users “avoid a rise in the number and volume of malicious cyberattacks on Facebook”.

“By allowing people to choose when they are able to share and manage their accounts, we hope that Facebook will be able to help ensure that those who use the social platform have a secure platform that can withstand a cyberattack,” the firm said.

It added that users should be wary of their personal data being collected by other companies.

Facebook’s main concern is that its users will be less likely to use it in a situation where it was not “safe to do so”, the company said in a statement.

In its statement, the social media company said that it was aware that the rise in cyberattacks is concerning and was working to address the problem.

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