Which apps are vulnerable to animal crossing hack?

I just got a call from a friend who is a professional programmer who recently hacked an app that lets you send SMS messages to your pet.

This app has been available on the Play Store for some time, but now it’s finally released to the public.

The app has some very useful features, like allowing you to set up a secure home for your pet, including keeping track of their health and weight, and can be used to track and log any activity from pet to owner.

The hack has already been picked up by several news outlets and now the hacker himself has revealed the real secret behind the app: a flaw in the app.

The exploit, dubbed “HACKING ANIMAL”, works by downloading a specially crafted attachment from the App Store.

If you use this attachment to send a message to your pets, the app will try to connect with the device, which will give the attacker full access to the phone and potentially perform an attack.

Once the attachment is downloaded, it’s then sent to the target device.

The only way to stop the attack is to delete the file and restart the phone, but that’s a bit of a hassle if you want to keep your pets safe.

Here’s how the bug works: A malicious app downloaded from the Play store will try the following: 1) Get an IMEI number from the device 2) Use this IMEID to access the device 3) Connect to the device and send the message 4) If successful, the device will connect to the attacker 5) If the message is sent successfully, the message will be displayed and the device returns to normal mode 6) After a short time, the attacker will start a new attempt at contacting the device.

However, if you delete the downloaded file, the attack stops.

Here are some of the things the exploit can do: 1.

Attempt to connect to a phone remotely (for example, the internet) 2.

Get the IMEIs of the devices owners.


Get a copy of the IMIs of all the devices.


Attempt a call to a particular number 5.

Attempt an email from a specific number.


Use a specific attachment for an attachment in the message.


Delete an attachment and restart your phone.


Attempt another call from that number 9.

Attempt sending an email to that phone 10.

Attempt receiving an email.


Attempting to send an email via the Internet 12.

Attempt calling a number from a number 13.

Attempts to call a number using a mobile app 14.

Attempt contacting a number through a web browser (if available) 15.

Attempt using the internet on a phone 16.

Attempt setting up a temporary password 17.

Attempt logging into the phone via an internet browser 18.

Attempt accessing the internet through a phone app 19.

Attempt creating a contact with the target phone 20.

Attempt initiating a contact via an online chat service 21.

Attempt entering the contact’s password 22.

Attempt dialing a number via an SMS 23.

Attempt recording the call to the contact 24.

Attempt uploading a recording of the call via a video or audio recording (for video only) 25.

Attempt writing the audio recording to a file 26.

Attempt copying an audio recording into a file 27.

Attempt attaching a file to a message file 28.

Attempt posting a message on a web forum 29.

Attempt downloading a video file 30.

Attempt making a contact using a web page 31.

Attempt capturing an image from a photo 32.

Attempt editing a photo 33.

Attempt placing a recording on a video camera 34.

Attempt adding a recording to an audio file 35.

Attempt clicking a link in an email 36.

Attempt completing a form on a form 37.

Attempt changing a password 38.

Attempt activating a microphone on a microphone 39.

Attempt turning on a camera 40.

Attempt viewing an audio image from an image viewer 41.

Attempt interacting with an application or microphone 42.

Attempt leaving a contact on a contact’s contact list 43.

Attempt navigating to a contact 44.

Attempt sharing a contact 45.

Attempt searching for a contact 46.

Attempt signing into a contact 47.

Attempt taking screenshots 48.

Attempt forwarding a message 49.

Attempt requesting an update 50.

Attempt exiting a contact 51.

Attempt deleting a contact 52.

Attempt filing a complaint 53.

Attempt reporting a bug 54.

Attempt opening a chat window 55.

Attempt launching a chat application 56.

Attempt messaging an app 57.

Attempt saving a video to a video clip 58.

Attempt installing a video viewer 59.

Attempt playing a video 60.

Attempt stopping an application 61.

Attempt enabling a microphone 62.

Attempt disconnecting a microphone 63.

Attempt starting a video application 64.

Attempt updating a video title 65.

Attempt switching to a new video title 66.

Attempt disabling a microphone 67.

Attempt pressing a key on a keyboard 68.

Attempt jumping to a location using a microphone 69.

Attempt holding a key while scrolling a screen 70.

Attempt scrolling the screen using a keyboard 71. Attempt

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