What to know about Anonymous Hack Squat Machine and Anonymous Hacker Group

Hacker groups Anonymous, known as “hack squat”, and Anonymous have launched an online campaign to disrupt a planned public protest by the anti-slavery group The Forgotten Soldiers of the British Commonwealth.

The campaign, called #StopUnite, has been launched as a response to plans by the National Union of Soldiers of African and Caribbean origin to hold a demonstration at London’s Parliament Square, a symbolic protest against the proposed UK’s repeal of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act.

The act was introduced in the wake of the racist riots in Birmingham in May 2016.

The Forgotten Soldier of the BSCI is an independent organisation based in the UK, but is also a member of the National Executive Committee of The Forgotten British Legion.

The BSCII has been fighting for the repeal of UK law which criminalises anti-black racism, as well as racial discrimination and discrimination based on disability, ethnicity and sex.

The #Stopunite campaign aims to disrupt this planned protest, which is being organised by the BSS, an organisation that aims to “strengthen the fight against racism and other forms of oppression”.

The campaign is organised by a group of UK-based hackers known as the ‘Anonymous Legion’ which was created by members of the hacking collective known as ‘The Pirate Bay’ in 2006.

The group has previously launched protests at other political events, such as the UK’s recent General Election, which was marred by widespread hacking attacks on the election campaigns of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

The hashtag #StoptheUK has been used to call attention to the fact that the UK is the only developed nation which does not guarantee equal access to the ballot box for its people.

A protest at Parliament Square in London is planned for Friday, May 8.

Anonymous members have also organised a protest against a planned protest by Britain’s Conservative Party, which has been criticised by rights groups for its support of Brexit.

The protest, called the ‘Conservative Protest’ has been called to coincide with the British National Congress (BNC) meeting in Birmingham, which takes place on May 14 and will feature a number of political figures from the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party have been accused of being pro-immigration and of promoting xenophobia.

The Government has previously been criticised for supporting the BNC by refusing to pass a bill to ban the controversial burqa in the face of protests from Muslim women.

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Report by Al Jazeera’s Stephen Jones

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