Watch the video for ‘Astrobot’ hacker movie

In this cyber thriller, a man takes on the persona of a cyborg who takes control of an entire city.

The film, directed by Kevin Macdonald and starring James McAvoy, was released on the same day as a video that purports to show a woman hacking into the email account of the president.

The video was released by hackers and was allegedly made by a Russian government-affiliated group known as Anonymous.

In it, a woman identified as Ksenia Sobchak claims to have hacked into the president’s personal email account, including his personal information.

Mr Macdonald said the video was made by hackers.

“The movie is a great movie, the guy has got a lot of great ideas,” Mr Mac Donald said.

“This is the first of many that he’s going to do in his life.”

“I was not aware that there was an online group of people that were actively trying to hack into the President’s emails,” he said.

Mr McAvoyle said the hacking group behind the video appeared to have used a website known as the Onion Router, which can be found on Google’s servers.

“I think they got a little bit of a head start, maybe,” Mr Mc Avoy said.

In an interview with ABC News, Anonymous leader, Aleksei Navalny, said the group was “stunned” to learn of the hacking video.

“They thought that maybe the president was doing something wrong,” Mr Navalny said.

He said the hackers had been “outfoxed”.

“The guy who made that video did not come to us with the idea of attacking the President,” he added.

Anonymous said it had been approached by the White House about the video and would soon release a statement.

“It is clear that the Obama administration is complicit in the attack on our freedom and democracy, and we will be relentless in exposing this and making sure it doesn’t happen again,” Mr Navyny said in a statement to ABC News.

The White House said it was aware of the video, but did not have any comment.

Anonymous has claimed responsibility for numerous cyberattacks on other governments.

In November, hackers breached the personal email accounts of the British Prime Minister and his wife.

They then posted a list of people the Prime Minister’s email had contact details with, and claimed they had hacked into a bank account linked to the prime minister’s wife.

The hackers claimed they were the “real deal” after a series of emails showing that the group had been working with Anonymous members.

Anonymous also claimed to have breached the emails of US President Barack Obama and the head of the Democratic National Committee.

The group also claimed responsibility in December for an attack on the offices of the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Anonymous members have also been accused of attacking political targets in several countries, including Germany, France, Russia and Hungary.

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