Anonymous hacked into a hacker group, hacked into the mother of one of their victims

The hacktivist collective Anonymous has breached a hacker clan’s website, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.

The hackers broke into, the hackers said in a post on the group’s blog, calling it “an attempt to embarrass and embarrass them,” The hacker group has been criticized for its attacks on a hacker collective known as Anonymous and the hacker group Anonymous, and for not being transparent about its identity.

The post did not say who the hackers were.

But it said the breach is part of an “ongoing campaign of sabotage against us,” and it is “an attack on the collective consciousness and morale of the hacker collective, which has been a source of pride to us since the inception of Anonymous.”

The hackers said they had “done everything possible to defend our privacy and freedom of expression” and they hoped “that our actions will help our comrades to find our true enemy, which is the government.”

In the post, they said that their target was “an individual named ‘The Momma'” who they had hacked, and said they would be releasing a video to show their progress in their quest to get the mother a divorce.

The message is one of many that Anonymous has released in recent weeks, and it has become a symbol of defiance against the governments and corporations that support authoritarian rule in the Middle East and around the world.

The hacker group often targets the governments of Arab and Islamic nations, and its attacks have targeted governments and companies that have been accused of human rights abuses, such as Saudi Arabia, which said this month it was “not the target of Anonymous activity.”

Earlier this month, Anonymous launched an operation to free a Palestinian woman, whose family said she was held hostage in Israel for nearly a year.

The operation led to the arrest of a Palestinian official, and a video showing her being released was posted online.

In the video, a masked man in a black jacket and black hat is seen entering the house of a woman identified only as “the Mommas” in Hebron.

In the video he asks for her phone number.

He then walks into her home and asks her to unlock the door and enter.

The video shows the woman, who has black hair and is wearing a hijab, sitting on a sofa and her daughter, who is wearing jeans and a pink sweater.

He walks over to the couch and holds the door open.

She says she’s been waiting for her mother for six months, and she wants her freedom.

The woman and her children were reportedly kidnapped in 2013 by the Israeli security forces and held for six years.

She said her mother is “a mother of three who’s been kidnapped,” and said she wants to be released soon.

The family has not seen her since, she said.

The group, which includes some of Anonymous’ most infamous members, has also been known to target banks, military units and government institutions.

The statement about the breach was posted on Friday afternoon and was accompanied by a photo of a white hoodie, which was used by Anonymous to identify itself.

In a blog post about the raid, Anonymous called it a “breach of our privacy, a violation of our freedom, a breach of our dignity, and an act of war against us.”

Anonymous said it has not revealed its targets and declined to comment further.

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