How to Hack Your Face: Pixel Gun Hack

Hackers have hacked an iPhone 6s device that uses a microchip to turn its face into a digital mask.

The hack, called Pixel Gun, is one of several recent hacks targeting Apple devices that use microchips.

The chips, which have become a major source of security concerns, are made by chipmaker Qualcomm.

According to security researchers, the chip can turn a user’s face into either a pixel or mask, allowing the hacker to control the device and access data stored on the device.

The new exploit, which can be downloaded on the internet, takes advantage of a vulnerability in the iPhone 6S’ camera sensor that was discovered last year.

The chip in question allows the phone to detect a camera, but it’s not clear how this is implemented on the iPhone.

If the chip was designed to work in this way, then it could allow the hacker with access to the device to take control of it.

This vulnerability in Qualcomm’s camera sensor has led to a wide range of other bugs that have caused Apple devices to crash, freeze, or otherwise malfunction, but Pixel Gun is a notable one.

It was first spotted by security researcher and security expert Paul White, who found that the iPhone used to be susceptible to a similar vulnerability.

White’s findings led him to post the Pixel Gun exploit to his blog.

This is the latest example of how the iPhone camera bug has been used to compromise security, according to White.

The bug was first found last year by security researchers with the IDS software group.

It has been patched in Apple devices since the release of iOS 8, but this new exploit appears to be a new variant that exploits a bug in the camera sensor of the iPhone’s new iPhone 6 model.

White said in a blog post that he discovered the flaw through a bug hunt, and that he published his findings to alert the public to the vulnerability.

As a result of the bug, Apple has patched the camera module of the device, but there’s no indication that the company will offer a fix to consumers until Apple fixes the bug in its firmware.

It’s unclear whether this latest vulnerability will be patched in time for the iPhone 7 or the iPhone X, which will arrive in stores next week.

The iPhone 6’s camera module is an important part of the smartphone’s security, but security experts worry that other microchipping vulnerabilities could be introduced into the iPhone that could make the device vulnerable to attack.

In 2016, Apple added a camera feature to the iPhone, called Face ID, that enabled the iPhone to recognize your face when you took photos.

This feature is designed to help prevent hackers from getting into a user account and taking over the device through a physical hack.

While Face ID is a useful feature, it’s important to remember that it isn’t the only way that hackers could access an iPhone.

There are also other ways to access an iOS device, including via Bluetooth, a USB port, and a GPS location.

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