When you get hacked, the odds are good you’re a bad person

Axios/Ios 6,049 days ago 1,906 people are killed by malware every day, according to data compiled by cybersecurity firm Symantec.

And that number is likely much higher than the 1,000-plus people who died by malicious software in 2016.

In a new report, Symantech estimates that malware has infected nearly 300 million devices around the world.

Symantec said it believes the majority of those devices were infected by ransomware.

Symantick said the malware has taken control of the entire infected device, leaving only the OS, drivers, and data intact.

Symantis said it has also found that most of the devices are using compromised versions of the operating system and drivers, making it more difficult to detect the malware.

The malware is also able to install itself into an infected device without users being aware of it, the company said.

Symants report is based on a survey conducted by Symantek, and it found that almost half of people who have been affected by malware said they didn’t know they had been infected.

In addition, about a quarter of the people who had received a ransomware notification were unaware of the malware, the firm said.

There have been more than 30 ransomware-related deaths in 2017, according the Symantean Cybersecurity Report.

The company also said it found evidence that some devices are infected with malware that was not originally installed on them.

The number of devices infected by malware rose in 2017.

It fell by about a third in 2018, but rose again in 2019 and remained stable through 2020.

In 2018, Symantick found more than half of infected devices were running Windows.

The company said it suspects that many infected devices run versions of Windows older than Windows 10, and that some were running older versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

SymAntech said it had not found evidence of ransomware on more than a million devices since it began compiling its findings in April.

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