‘What a disaster’: Hackers’ impact on the 2020 election

Hackers targeted Australia’s election and have disrupted the 2020 presidential election in the most serious breach of voter registration systems since the 1920s.

Key points:The hacktivist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the cyber attack on Australian voter registration systemThe Australian Electoral Commission said it had confirmed that the hacking had been carried out by Anonymous but said it would not disclose the identity of the group behind the breach until an investigation was completeAustralia’s election watchdog said the hack was “completely unacceptable”.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) confirmed to ABC News that it had detected the attack on Thursday, saying it was “highly likely” that the group Anonymous was behind it.

A spokesman for the AFP said the agency was aware of the breach, but did not confirm or deny that Anonymous was responsible for it.

“The AFP is aware of this incident and will work with the Australian Electoral Commissioner (AEC) and the Australian Government to investigate this matter,” the spokesman said.

“We are aware of an alleged hack involving an Australian Government department and are working with the AEC and Australian Government and relevant authorities to establish the facts.”

Anonymous claimed responsibility on Twitter and Instagram.

It is understood the attack was carried out on the Australian Federal Election Commission’s (AFCE) website, which is controlled by the AEP.

The AEP has confirmed that a breach of the AEF’s database was “consistent with the actions of the APEC in the past”.”AEC’s IT security and cyber incident response team has been informed,” the AAE spokesman said in a statement.

“However, the AEGI is unable to confirm if any further actions have been taken by AEG.”

The AEC said it was still assessing the damage to its system and had not yet made any decisions on what to do.

“This incident was not anticipated or anticipated to impact the operation of the electoral register,” the agency said in its statement.

The AFP also confirmed to the ABC that it was not aware of any other incident involving the AFP, but said the organisation would take any cyber attack seriously.

“Any attack is unacceptable,” the AFP’s assistant commissioner, Mark Latham, said in an emailed statement.

“The AFP takes all cyber security incidents very seriously and is in close contact with its Australian counterparts and the relevant authorities in relation to these matters.”

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