Hackers who want to hack life hacks for Kids

Hackers are increasingly targeting young children for their social media profiles, with a growing number of parents being unwittingly tricked into buying their children’s hacks for free.

According to the latest data from the cybersecurity firm Lookout, the average age of a hacker’s target is around 9, and the majority of the hackers targeted in the last six months have been children.

Lookout’s data shows that the average hacker target is now aged between 9 and 12, with the majority targeted between 8 and 12.

The trend is likely to continue.

“There is a huge interest in children’s hacking,” said Lookout’s chief executive Paul Allen.

“A significant percentage of parents want to do this, they want to be able to say ‘this kid will be able do this’.”

The younger the target the easier it is to find them.

It’s easier to get ahold of a target, they don’t have to look up the person in question.

“Lookout said the hacker community has also been affected by the increasing popularity of social media and other media platforms.

In a report from December last year, Lookout found that more than 1,600 child and youth hackers had been identified across Australia.

Among those targeted was a 14-year-old girl, who was tricked into downloading a hacking programme called the HackIt.tv hack.

Another teen, identified as a 13-year old, was also tricked into purchasing the HackIts.tv hacking programme.

Other hackers targeted include a 12-year boy, a 14‑year- old boy and a 17‑year‑old boy.

Looking out data shows the average number of targets per child has increased to 9, with almost half of all targets aged between 8 to 12.

Lookout said that the increase in hacking targets in Australia was likely due to a wider trend of online activity and social media use among children.”

Children are more likely to be social media savvy and have a broader range of media, including digital content, so they are increasingly using social media to share their own exploits and ideas,” said Allen.

Children are also more likely than adults to have a variety of hacking skills.

The hacker community is increasingly looking to targets aged 12 and under for their hacks.

Look out data showed that the number of hackers targeted by children in the six months to December was around 8, a decrease of around 10 per cent on the same period last year.”

A number of cyber-crime experts believe that hacking children is a lucrative and increasingly popular business,” Allen said.

It’s no surprise that more hackers are targeting children.

A number of organisations have launched campaigns targeting young people.

One of the oldest and most famous hackers, Chris Hughes, launched the Cyber-Criminal League in 2014, to target kids and their friends.

Hackers are also targeting children online, particularly in social media.

While many parents are more cautious with their children, Look out’s research shows that some parents are actively promoting the hack for their own children.

A look at the most recent hack found that a 14 year old girl received the hack by way of her own social media account.

A hacker who identified himself as ‘The D’ claimed the hack was for her birthday, and sent her the file via a direct message.

Others used the hacked file to send her the image of a girl wearing a pink hoodie.

As a result, the hacker received a large amount of attention.

He said the hack would be available for a few days, and would then disappear.

After the hack disappeared, the teenager contacted Lookout and explained that the file was a hoax.

Despite this, LookOut’s data suggests the hack may still be available.

When looking at the target’s last social media post, Look Out found the hacker had posted a picture of a woman dressed in pink hoodies.

This has led some to believe that the hack has been passed on to someone else.

Although there have been no official reports of hackers passing the file on to others, it has been suspected that hackers have passed it on to other people, including parents.

Parents may also be encouraging their children to do their hacking for them.

Look in to the hacker’s profile to see what his/her email address is.

If the hacker has been hacked, he/she may want to make a request to the person who hacked them to release their files.

Look Out’s data also shows that many parents have been contacting hackers for help.

HackIt’s hacker said he/ she has been approached by parents who have wanted to download the hack but the hacker is refusing.

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