Netflix hack reveals $1bn loss

A major Netflix hack revealed the company lost more than $1 billion in the past three months and has put pressure on it to release information on the scope of the damage.

Netflix said it had experienced an increase in ransomware attacks, a sign of the impact of its global expansion.

Read more: Netflix said it has experienced an increased in ransomware strikes, a signal of the effect of its international expansion.

The cyberattack on July 15 prompted Netflix to cancel a plan to release the first of the six movies in the latest series of The Defenders.

The series of movies will feature two female lead characters, including the lead character from the Netflix original show, Jessica Jones.

Netflix has not said how many of the 12 million titles affected by the hack were made available to customers, but it said it was the most serious breach of its online video-streaming service since the 2013 attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“This is an incredibly important milestone in the company’s strategy to continuously evolve its online presence,” Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings wrote in a blog post on Monday.

 “We have no indication that this is the first time that our systems have been compromised, nor is it the first attack on our network.

The stakes are high.”

Netflix was forced to delay the release of several movies in a bid to protect its data.

The studio had originally intended to release four movies in July, but a number of titles including the forthcoming Daredevil movie and the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off were pulled before the end of the month.

Netflix has a long history of online security issues, including a recent hack that revealed that hackers had breached the network of the Hollywood studio behind the hit film X-Men: Days of Future Past, and an incident last year that compromised the company servers at least five times.

Earlier this month, Netflix said its servers were compromised by a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace, which has threatened attacks on other major US companies.

According to the Hollywood studios, they were able to recover some of their data, but they had not released the details.

The Guardians of War has a history of releasing ransomware attacks against other media companies, including Netflix.

In November, it targeted Sony Pictures, demanding $7.5m in compensation for its role in the movie Rogue One, and for the movie The Martian.

In the Netflix attack, the hackers took advantage of the lack of internet access to steal data, including credit card numbers, payment card information and emails.

An attack on the film Guardians of the Galaxy in October was particularly damaging to Netflix.

It is the latest hack to hit the company, which also suffered a cyberattack in July 2016, and in October, which affected its data in the US and elsewhere.

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