Free Robux hack: hacker man ‘finally gets it’

Filippo Mazziotta is one of many fans who were surprised to see a video of the alleged hacker Guido Guidi, who was arrested last week in the southern Italian city of Padova, after a string of public protests against the city’s plan to erect a new stadium.

The 26-year-old hacker is believed to have infiltrated a group of hackers who had infiltrated the email accounts of prominent football figures to get a look at their correspondence.

After receiving a series of messages from one of his targets, Mazziazzi, who is Italian, received a video message from Guidi saying he had been released.

“I have been released,” Guidi said.

“I think I’m finally getting it.”

But in the video, Guidi appears to be visibly annoyed at Mazzozzi and says he is looking forward to getting his hands on his new car.

Mazziotti was among a number of fans who took to social media to express their delight with the footage, with one writing: “The Italian hacker is finally getting his car!”

While many were shocked to see the hacker’s name appear on the video and its contents, it is understood that the man was never formally charged in connection with the hack.

The hacker was arrested in April and charged with breach of the peace, possession of a weapon and breach of computer security.

In an interview with Reuters news agency on Wednesday, Guido claimed he had a small amount of Bitcoin to help pay for the car.

“My girlfriend has bought me a car, but I am not in the business of making money,” he said.

“We were doing something for the love of it.

I did not intend to do this for money.”

Mazziaotti was arrested on March 1 after protesting against the plans for a new football stadium on the outskirts of Padovano, where his club FC Torino is based.

The football club have denied any wrongdoing, while Mazzicini has said he has no intention of returning to football.

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