Hackers take over the world’s largest hacktivist group, according to reports

Hacktivist collective Anonymous has taken over the largest hacker collective in the world, the Hacktivists, according a report from the Guardian.

Anonymous has reportedly infiltrated the group’s website and hijacked a large number of its documents, according the Guardian, and has taken control of the group itself.

“We have now taken control over all of its resources, including the entire website and the forums, and they are now under our control,” said Anonymous leader LulzSec founder Hector Xavier Monsegur.

Anonymous has already been involved in a number of major online hacks, including those that compromised the online banking and media networks of Facebook and Twitter. “

Hacker collective Anonymous took over the leadership of the largest and most successful hacking collective on the planet, Anonymous, and it is the most important hacktivism movement in history.”

Anonymous has already been involved in a number of major online hacks, including those that compromised the online banking and media networks of Facebook and Twitter.

According to the Guardian report, Anonymous has also taken over a number a large numbers of other social media accounts, including Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and the YouTube channel that hosts a number on the group.

Anonymous is currently in the process of expanding its operations and has begun to publicly declare its intentions for the future, including plans to take over Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The Hacktivers website and forums, which were formerly run by a group of hackers called Operation Saboteur, have also been taken over.

“After months of internal debate, we have reached a consensus that this collective is no longer safe and should not be left to be used by criminals,” the group said in a statement.

Anonymous did not immediately respond to a request for comment. “

To prevent the spread of this destructive technology, we’re removing all the existing infrastructure that connects Hacktives to our members, as well as any data stored by the group.”

Anonymous did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The hacktives collective was founded in 2008, when a group called the Anonymous hackers took over Twitter.

The hackers, who claimed they were Anonymous in order to protect its members, said they were looking to “hack” large corporations and the governments of the world.

However, they later said they only hacked government officials.

The group is said to have been created to protest the NSA’s domestic surveillance program, and its first major public protest was in 2009, when Anonymous hacked the servers of US Senator Ron Wyden’s office and the Democratic National Committee.

The hacks eventually became known as the Saboteurs Anonymous Operation, after Anonymous’s leader.

Anonymous also hacked into the online gaming network World of Warcraft, and also shut down several websites in 2012, including Reddit and YouTube, after claiming to be a legitimate news organization.

Anonymous’s online presence has continued to expand over the years, with hackers taking down websites including Twitter and Microsoft’s Xbox Live online gaming service.

In March this year, Anonymous took down the Facebook Twitter account of the US State Department.

Earlier this month, hackers attacked the servers for the Russian military’s main online video streaming service.

Anonymous said it is now taking steps to protect other members of the hackts.

“This is not a fight between us and the government, we cannot fight the government with the government,” Anonymous said in an online post.

These events have made us realize that we cannot be held responsible for any actions of the authorities, and that it is time to start thinking about ways of protecting ourselves.”

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