Simple News Section for Chat Site


I have added a simple news section the my random chat project which can be found here. It was a tough decision weather or not to go with something like WordPress for the CRM style section of the site. In the end I’ve started rolling my own simple WordPress clone (if you can even call it that). The plan is to add more features like commenting soon. Maybe eventual open source that part of the project but not sure just yet. It is going to be a while before the ui and code will be mature enough to edit as nice as you can with WordPress or other popular online tools. For now, it’s nice to have a separation between the technical side of the project and marketing stuff needed to keep users happy. Something I talked about in my last post. Besides, the project is about building great random stranger chat, not building CRMs. 🙂

On a side note, using what little graphics design knowledge I have to make some marketing materials.

Image from Pokiecam news anouncement

Pokiecam Random Chat Facebook Promo

Days Of Internet Directories Gone


Seems the days of internet directories like the yahoo directory and dmoz are coming to an end. While dmoz went offline earlier this year it promises to have a replacement at some point. I’m not holding my breath for that one but I did find a couple good directories still exist. I went a head and submitted Pokiecam to one of them. Hopefully it gets put in the right spot for people looking to random chat.

One thing is for sure, the internet landscape is changing. The days of the social media rise seems to be slowing down. Older internet mainstays like directories are coming an end. I personally wonder what will be next. If I have to make a prediction it’ll be that blogging sticks around and chat sites become the future.

Adobe Media Server Alternatives


Adobe Media Server is a fine piece of software. It runs cross platform and has a very rich set of features. From what I’ve found there are not many players competing with Media Server on the proprietary front. There is basically one other 500 pound gorilla, Wowza.  It’ll be hard to beat either of this for rapid development, solid stability, and professional support.

If anyone has read this blog before they may find the author has a propensity to avoid proprietary solutions. Media servers will be no different. At the time of this writing in 2017 there are some decent open source media server alternatives. Most open source media server solutions will be offer less features than their closed source competitors but depending on the application this might not be a deal breaker and when it comes to simple video and audio it shouldn’t be.

One of the more older and more mature open source media servers is Red5. Red5 does actually offer a pretty full feature set. Over the years it’s been battle tested. The reputation of Red5 seems to vary depending on the group of people talking about it.

MonaServer is an open source media server written in C++. It has lots of features and is under active development.

Janus Gatway is primarily written in c. Janus has a lot of features and can be extended with plugins. Janus is focused around newer HTML5 technologies like WebRTC. The one drawback I found was the lack of RTMP support. This is not super important theses days but for people wanting to support really old browsers RTMP could be a must have.

nginx-rtmp-module can potentially fill the void that Janus Gateway leaves. It an also be run stand alone to make applications that support RTMP.

Welcome to my hacking adventures blog


Welcome to my hacking adventures blog. I’ll be posting some content soon.